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What is to be done?

As I wrote in the last post, neoliberal market values, modernist assumptions, and government efforts to rationalize, standardize, measure, and control educational practice in the name of accountability significantly limit the ways we view and engage in educational practice at … Continue reading

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Is It Real?

In an age of doctored photos and videos, it’s a wonder we trust any visual image. Yet, we continue to place great trust in photos as representations of reality. Like eyewitness accounts, videos and photos seem to claim a direct … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Brady Baildon: Dealing with the Tsunami of Information

In light of recent major news events, it is evident that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in how news is both reported and received. In her recent New York Times article, Maureen Dowd describes how we … Continue reading

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On Being Reflexive Readers and Thinkers

We all are biased. To make matters worse, we are largely unaware of our biases and the ways our prior attitudes and beliefs shape our reasoning. The political psychologists, Charles Taber and Milton Lodge, call this motivated reasoning. It means … Continue reading

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In our book, Social Studies as New Literacies in a Global Society, we introduced two metaphors – excavation and elevation – that we thought were useful for using inquiry in classrooms. When working with information sources or texts of any … Continue reading

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Four factors shaping our context

As we explore critical reading and critical thinking, it’s useful to start with some sense of the context we are all living in. We see this context being shaped by four key factors: 1. Daunting levels of information complexity We … Continue reading

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